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I Don’t Want to Die in Santa Barbara

We decided to start our blog tonight because the sky looked like the world might end and we’d rather not have it happen here in Santa Barbara.  It’s really not that nice a place.

Maybe it’s ironic that we are finally writing about our travels in a place that is, well, nothing to write home about.  But it was here we decided to start blogging and precisely because we are tired of overrated destinations.  By no means have we seen every corner of this earth.  We have, however, traveled enough to know what is special over what is not.  Cape Town is special, Santa Barbara is not.

We are a couple of snobs.  We notice things like a patio door not being properly weighted and the texture of a bathrobe’s lining.  We can tell you which hotels thread said bathrobes’ belt through the loops and which ones neglect to put their bellmen through ballet training.

That is not to say we only love luxury, recently we shared an amazing date shake in Indio, CA at Shield’s.  We just know what hotel is worth a month’s salary and when to simply stay home and cook.